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10 Simple Data Science Interview Questions

Below are 10 simple Data Science questions which can be asked in a Data Science Related job interview.

Q. 1 – What Steps are involved in Data Science?

  1. Get data from various sources available
  2. Generate research questions from data
  3. Identify variables present in data
  4. Generate some hypothesis about Data Set
  5. Analyse data using Graphs
  6. Make a Model of Data Set
  7. Do hypothesis testing
  8. Research Question Answer found

Q. 2 – Explain Variables and its different types?

Anything which keeps on changing is called Variable. Variables are of two types – Dependent and Independent.
• Dependent Variable – A variable whose value changes in accordance with some other factors
• Independent Variable – A variable whose value doesn’t depend on other factors

Q. 3 – Explain Categorical Measurement?

Categorical Measurement means measuring something as categories or sorting large dataset into different categories. For example – Plants, Animals can be considered as Categories of a dataset of Living Beings.

Q. 4 – Explain Binary Variables?

Those variables which can only have two values. For example – Live or Dead.

Q. 5 – Explain Nominal Measurement?

Nominal Measurement means measuring something in categories because some fix number cannot be assigned to it. For example – Taste, it can be Mild or Spicy but not something as 1, 2, 3.

Q. 6 – Explain Ordinal Variables?

These are just Nominal Variables but there is some order. For example – Employees position in a Company like Senior Data Scientist, Junior Data Scientist, CEO. (Kind of Hierarchical Categorical Variable)

Q. 7 – Explain Continuous Variables?

Variables which can take any measurement on some scale are called Continuous Variables.

Q. 8 – Explain Discrete Variables?

Variables which can take some fixed value from a specific range of numbers.

Q. 9 – Is it possible to convert continuous values to discrete and vice versa?

Yes, based upon the motive of study, it is possible to convert discrete values to continuous and vice versa for example, Level of water in tank can take any value in the range and as such a continuous variable. But we can approximate the same to three different levels like empty, full, or half empty and this now becomes discrete in nature.

Q. 10 – What are Interval Variables?

These are variables which are grouped on interval. Example is age can be divided in range like 10-20, 20-30 and so on.

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