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Five Dimensions of Software Project

To build a piece of Software a proper step-by-step process known as Software Development Project Cycle need to be followed. Software Development Project Cycle involves => Planning, Identifying/Documenting Requirements, Designing, Building, Documenting Source Code, Testing, Deploying, Maintaining.
Each step of Software Development Project Cycle have atleast five dimensions associated with it, which are –

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Quality
  4. Schedule
  5. Staff

For example – In order to make Plan of a Software Project(first step of Software Development Project Cycle) cost, features of final Software Product, Quality of Final Product, How long it will take to make Software Product?, How many Programmers/Developers/other staff needed for project all these factors need to be considered.

That’s why factors like cost, features, quality, schedule and staff are considered Five Dimensions of a Software Project. Each of these dimension of Software Project can further have three attributes – Driver, Constraint, Degree of Freedom.

  • Driver – Reason why something should be done?
  • Constraints – Resource Restrictions for project
  • Degree of Freedom – How much flexibility is there?

Below is a table illustrating Five Dimensions and their respective three attributes for a Software Project.

DimensionDriverConstraintDegree of Freedom
Cost20% Overrum Acceptable
Features60–90% of priority 1 features must be in release 1.0
QualityRelease 1.0 can contain up to five known major defects
Schedule Release 1.0 must be delivered within 4 months
Staff10 People

That’s it in this article, I discussed about what are five dimensions and their attributes for a Software Project.

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