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Cultural Principles in Software Engineering

  1. Never Let your boss/client cause you to write poor quality code
  2. People must feel that their work is appreciated
  3. Continuing Education is the responsibility of each team member
  4. Participation of client is most critical factor in Software Quality
  5. Your Greatest challenge is to share vision of final product with client
  6. Continuous improvement in your software development process is possible and essential
  7. Software Development procedures can help establish a common culture of best practices
  8. Quality is number one priority, long term productivity is a natural consequence of quality
  9. Ensure that its a peer not client who find defects in Software Source Code
  10. A key to software quality is to repeatedly go through all development steps except coding
  11. Controlling error reports and change requests is essential to quality and maintenance
  12. If you measure what you do, you can learn to do it better
  13. Do what seems reasonable, don’t base yourself on dogma
  14. You cannot change everything at same time, identify changes that will reap most benefits and start to implement those as soon as possible
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