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Why you should learn Python in 2021?

It’s November 2020 thus year ending and world is waiting for dawn of 2021. With that comes the question for Tech Enthusiasts/Software Developers “which new language they should learn in 2021”. Python is a great choice for learning as it can used in different kind of applications development across software industry.

Easy to learn

Python have quite simple syntax and cherry on the top of cake is that external libraries can be easily imported, thus making writing code more easier. Like for doing a task C in most cases require more code as compared to Python.

If you’re keen enough to start learning Python then watch following tutorials which are taught by experts from freecodecamp ->

Beginner Tutorial

Intermediate Tutorial

Number of Application

Python is such a powerful and wide programming language that it can be used in so many domains of technology.

Web Development

Python can be used for developing websites by using frameworks like Django or Flask. Also with increasing access of internet to the developing parts of world, there will more and more content creators who does not have website developing skills. So by learning Web Development using Python you can offer this as a service on fiverr and make some money. For learning Web Development using Python watch following tutorial ->

Machine Learning

Famously most of highly intellect people is saying that Machine Learning would be next big thing. Owing to this reason a lot of people are trying to break into it. One of most important aspect of Machine Learning is Python either it be building models or doing data visualisations. It can be clearly said that Python is back bone for Machine Learning. Moreover Python have libraries like Scikit-Learn which abstracts out complexity of implementing functions and enables ML Developer to build meaningful models. For learning using Python for Machine Learning watch following tutorials ->

Data Science

Well Data Scientist is sexiest job of the century as per Forbes, moreover there a lot of new job posting coming up every month related to Data Science.

Data Science Tools Used Most Regularly

Python is best option for Data Science owing to following reasons: –

  • Provides great option of libraries like Pandas, Numpy etc.
  • Great libraries for Data Visualisation like Seaborn, Plotly etc.

Watch following tutorial in order to learn how to use Python as a tool for doing Data Science.


There are many more applications of Python programming language which makes it quite lucrative to learn.

Good luck for your Python Journey!!

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