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What can I do after learning Python? Applications of Python

Python programming is very famous nowadays owing to it’s syntax being quite easier. Nowadays most of the newbies in programming start with Python as their first programming language. It does not take that much time to learn Python typically 4 to 6 months are enough to go from beginner to intermediate level. In my journey of learning Python there have been many resources which have helped me a lot. Some of these are Python Beginner Course by Mike Dane, Project-Based Introduction to Programming by Eric Matthes and Learning Python by Mark Lutz.

After going through all of this grinde the very next question which comes to my mind was where I can apply whatever I’ve learned so far. In order to get the answer to that specific question I did a lot of research and made the following list of applications of Python programming language.

Web DevelopmentThere were times when HTML, CSS, javaScript were only used for building Websites. But nowadays time have changed with many new languages offering frameworks for developing websites.

Python typically have two frameworks for web development namely Django and Flask. Python comes into play on the beckend of website i.e. server side. When any request comes to server python code executes and send the bundle of HTML, CSS, javaScript back to the browser.
List of websites using Python on beckend.
Data SciencePython is a quite useful language for doing data manipulation and plays a crucial role in “Data Science Lifecycle”.

Python can be used for Data mining, Data cleaning, Data Exploration, Data Visualisation parts of Data Science Lifecycle.
It’ve many libraries which be used for these processes: –
Data Mining – Numpy, Scipy
Data Exploration – Pandas, Keras, Scikit-learn
Data Visualisation – Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly
Machine LearningIt’s all about training a computing system to perform certain tasks it can be either Image Classification or Speech to text generation.

There are many Python based Machine Learning libraries, most popular of those are Scikit-learn and Tensor flow. These libraries have many built in functions which can be used for implementing machine learning tasks.
Computer VisionSelf-driving cars is no longer a past thing, it’s becoming reality now. With Tesla’s self driving system becoming more and more accurate, full self driving is not too far away in the future.

Python have libraries like OpenCV which can be used for processing visual data.
10 Best Python Libraries For Computer Vision
ScriptingScripting means writing code snippets which can automate a task which otherwise have to be done manually.

For example – Automating sending emails to customers by Amazon about some product offer.
Get started using Python on Windows for scripting and automation
GamingAlthough there does exist Python libraries specifically for making games like PyGame. But making games using Python is not that popular as there does exist some other robust Game Development Environments like Unity, Unreal and many others.
7 Kick-ass Games Built Using Python Language

That’s pretty much it where Python programming language can be used to built some software. If you think that there is something which is not in this list please let me know in the comments and I would update list as soon as possible.

I’ve updated list of Applications of Python Programming Language, you can see updated list here – Where I can use Python Programming Language?

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