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Types in Python

Programming is just performing actions upon certain entities by machine. These entities can be anything like a variable or a function and action being performed can be for example addition.
In Python all of entities are of type Object either it be variable/function literally everything is of type object in Python. From a top level overview of Python Programming Language, it can be broken down into modules, statements, expressions and objects. Here objects being fundamental as other three kind of depends upon objects. Moroever all Python objects have a certain type, some of basic data types in Python are –

  • Numbers – Interger, Complex numbers, Float types
  • Sequence – Strings, Lists, Tuple types
  • Dictionaries
  • Boolean
  • Sets

Examples of built-in Python Data Types

Data TypeExample
Numbers182, 93.29, 7+4i
Sequence“Computer Science”, [“Hello”, “World”], (27, 29)
Dictionaries{ ‘Programming’ : ‘Python’, ‘Hello’ : ‘World’ }
Booleantrue, false
Sets{ ‘Python’, ‘C++’, ‘JavaScript’ }

Benefits of Using Built-in types in Python

As a programmer the primary benefit of having a number of built-in data types is – No Need To Implement Little Stuff and just focus on actual problem which need to be solved through code.
For example – If you need something to store a lot of data as a single entity then you can just use list type like fruits = [ “Apple”, “Banana”, “Grapes” ] but if you want to do same thing in C++ programming language then you need to write a more code comparatively.

Benefits of Python built-in types

  1. Reduces amount of code need to be written for achieving some functionality
  2. Helps developer to focus more on problem and approach to solve problem rather that just being confused on some little aspect of language itself right – this reduces time taken to implement something as well.
  3. Don’t need to worry about under the hood stuff like memory management or cleanup processes

More About Different Types in Python Programming Language

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