Swapping Two Variables Using Python

In Python values of two variables can be easily swapped with each other. For example – If there is a variable x = 10 and other one y = 5 then swapping values of x, y variables with each other and making x = 5, y = 10 is super simple in Python Programming Language.

Below is Python Code for Swapping Two Variables

  • Define two variables for example x = 10, y = 5
  • Define a temporary variable temp and makes it equal to x using temp = x statement
  • Now assign value of y to x using x = y statement
  • Assign y value of temporary variable(temp) using y = temp statement

That’s it now value of x have become value of y and vice-versa.

# Swapping two variables in Python Programming Language
x = 10
y = 5

# Let's swap x and y values
temp = x
x = y
y = temp

# Printing out new swapped values of x, y
print("After swapping x is =>", x)
print("After swapping y is =>", y)

Output of Above Code

After swapping x is => 5
After swapping y is => 10


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