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Step by Step Python Installation Guide

Python programming language is quite famous nowadays amongst people working in Software Engineering industry, not only that it’s very much popular amongst beginners in programming.

Python is famous amongst students owing to its easier accessibility, simply readable syntax and similarities with natural human language.

That’s why most of people who start learning programming nowadays often start with Python. Here are some of features of Python Programming language and then we will move onto step by step installing process –

  • Easy to Code – Simple Synatx
  • Free and Open Source
  • Objects-Oriented language
  • High Level Language – No need to worry about Memory Management
  • Easily Integrate-able with other languages like C, C++
  • Interpreted Language – No code compiling required so easy to debug
  • Less Code – Python has vast Standard Library, so it’s quite easier to do things as some of functionalities can be just imported

Installing/Downloading Python on Mac

Mac comes up with an inbuilt version of Python which is 2.7. This is so because there are certain functionalities in Mac, which uses Python.

So while installing newer version of Python make sure that you don’t mess up with internal Python2.7 as it may hurt some functions of your Mac. It’s unfortunate that Apple is not shipping newer Mac laptops with Python’s latest version.

Here are the steps which you need to follow for setting up Python on your MacOS –

  • Download Python Package from Python.org

Head over to Python.org and then click on ‘Downloads’ in Menu. There you will see “Download the latest version for Mac OS X”.

You don’t need to select your laptop’s OS type – MacOS or Windows rather it will auto detect OS type.

Python Downloading step by step guide for MacOS and Windows
Downloading Python from Python.org

Click on ‘Download’ button and then select some folder location which is easily accessible(I prefer Desktop location).

  • Open Downloaded Python Package by double clicking on it and follow the prompts

After downloading the package, just double click on it and then you will see something like –

Step by Step guide for installing Python Programming Langauge On MacOS
Setting Up Python on MacOS

Then just keep on following and clicking on ‘continue’ until you see ‘install’ button on place of ‘continue’.

Then just click on install button and it would ask you enter password of your Mac to start with installing process. Just enter password and click Install Software.

Installing Python on MacOS laptop complete step by step guide
Installing Python on Apple’s Laptop

After this Package Installer would run some scripts and it would take around a minute or so for this to finish up. Once it’s done you would see that “Congratulations! Python 3.9.1 for MacOS 10.9(Here your version of MacOS) or later was successfully installed”.

Python installation guide MacOS done
Python Installing On MacOS Done

After this your MacOS will show up a folder Python3.9, which have some files.

  • IDLE
  • Install Certificates.command
  • License.rtf
  • Python Documentation.html
  • Python Launcher
  • ReadMe.rtf
  • Update Shell Profile.command
Finished Python Programming Language installing on MacOS
PopUp After Finishing Installing of Python on MacOS

There are a number of files in this folder, but we do need to care about is only IDLE, if your interested you can just open other files as well for reading what’s in there. But in short I’m telling you these other files just contain some software licensing legal information for Python Programming Language.

What is Python IDLE?

IDLE is an Integrated Development Learning Environment for Python, it’s a kind of shell/terminal which you could be used for Learning Python. It’s very helpful for beginners in Python Programming Language.

Here is a short video giving an overview of how IDLE can be used as a Learning Tool for Python Programming Langauge.

Python IDLE

Installing/Downloading Python on Windows

Downloading and setting up Python Programming Language for Software Development is quite easy. Just follow the below steps one-by-one and by the end, you would be ready to make amazing Software Programs using Python.

Just head over to Python.org and click on ‘Downloads’ button and then you will see “Download the latest version for windows”. Below this there will be a ‘Download Python 3.9.1(or latest version of python)’ just click on it and this will start downloading a .exe file, preferably while selecting download location just select Desktop. That would be better to find file and would reduce time in whole of installing process.

  • Open .exe file and following the prompts

Now as you’ve downloaded the file, just double click on it to start the installation process.

Installing Python Programming Language on Windows
Start of Python Installing Process on Windows

One thing to be done here Is to make sure that both of boxes on bottom are checked. Second box is unchecked by default.

  1. Checking first box for “Install launcher for all users(recommended)” would install Python Programming Language for all of users which have an account on your Windows laptop.
  2. Checking second box for “Add Python 3.7 to PATH” will add Python Programming Language to root path of your Operating System. So that Python could be accessed from Command Line easily.

For learning more about this Computer Science term ‘PATH’ read this amazing post by ComputerHope – Path in Computer Science.

After making sure that both of boxes are checked then just click on ‘Install Now’. This will start installation process.

  • Waiting For Python to Install

After clicking on ‘Install Now’ in the previous step, bear some time or in case if you have low specifications laptop may be go for a walk. It would take some time to get Python files installed and configured on your Windows Laptop.

Installing python programming language on Windows Laptop
Installing Python on Windows Laptop
  • Setup Successful Python is installed

After the progress bar in last step finishes up, you will see a popup saying Setup Successful and Python is finally installed now in your laptop. Now straight on jump into process of Developing some amazing programs.

Python Programming Language Installation on Windows Laptop
Python Programming Language Installation Done on Windows Laptop

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