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Applications of Python

What Python programming language brings to table for a Software Developer quite distinguished from other programming languages. Not only Python is quite simple in syntax, easily readable and have well defined indented code.

Owing to these features of Python it’s quite useful, but real value of a programming language comes from it’s applications in real world or what problems it could solve?

Python could be used for Web Development, Game Development, Scientific computations, Operating Systems, Web Scraping and many more.

Here are some of the applications of Python: –

Web Development

Web is becoming large and large day by day, most of which runs on javaScript /PHP/HTML/CSS. Python is newer in this arena, it provides a specific Framework called Django for developing Websites.

Not only Python can be used for building up custom coded websites rather it could also be used for developing CMS(Content Management Systems like WordPress).

Read more about Django – Django Project

Scientific Computations

Most of research papers published by Academia across the world depends upon doing some sort of experiments either it be Laboratory Experiments or Computational Experiments.

Although there’re many companies/startups which are putting their hardwork into developing models which can mimic Laboratory Experiments. But till not this is not possible(If you know something about this let me know in the comments).

But thanks to Guido Van Rossum, that Scientific Computations can be easily done just by using some lines of code. Only not that over years more and more code specifically needed for Scientific Computations has shifted into form of libraires/modules like Scipy, Pandas, IPython etc.

Now a days in order to make a graph out of some data collected from Laboratory Experiments, is as easy as making a cup of coffee. Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Install Juypter on your laptop
  2. Import Pandas for dealing with Dataset
  3. Import either of MatplotLib or Seaborn into Juypter
  4. Using Pandas’s inbuilt functions import DataSet into Workflow
  5. Use Matplotlib’s built in function to Draw the Graph

Developing Games

This is one of area in which Python could be applied extensively, not as like having a Game Development Engine(Like Unity) based on Python. But rather as a great tool for adding additional functionalities to existing Game Engines.

Developing Games using Python Programming Language
Game Development Using Python

Though Python is not much popular like other languages(C++/OpenGL) for game development. Still it could be used for developing games specifically using PyGame library. But the Games developed using Python would be much simpler and would lack many functionalities which are quite obvious in games nowadays.

Here are some of games developed using Python Programming Language –

  1. BattleField 2
  2. Civilization IV
  3. Eve Online
  4. Freedom Force
  5. The Sims 4

Not only PyGame python library’s functionalities is limited to simple Games Development(primarily 1D or 2D) also it’s somewhat slower as compared to C++ code. This slowness of execution of code hinders PyGame to be used for developing games in which everything moves faster.

Machine Learning and AI

Nowadays hundreds and thousands of researchers across the globe are developing Machine Learning Models and other Artificially Intelligent systems(like Self driving cars).

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Self Driving Cars
Self Driving Capability of Tesla

Machine learning is an area of research which deals with different types of data, models, validations, optimising hyper-parameters, visualisation of data etc. In order to do this stuff, using some other language than Python would shift primary focus of working on Machine learning/AI itself to kind of workaround different technicalities of language itself. But Python keeps code simpler in Syntax and Readable.

That’s why using Python for Machine Learning is preferable, not only that Python has many libraries which could easily be imported in workflow for training these models.

Here are some of primary benefits in using Python programming language for Machine Learning/AI –

  1. Simplicity and consistency
  2. Number of Libraries
  3. Many frameworks for Machine learning Modelling

Graphical User Interface Development using Python

Python supports a variety of GUI frameworks or toolkits, from Tkinter which is traditionally bundled with Python, to a number of cross-platform solutions, such as PyQT or wxPython, that you can install as third-party libraries.

Read more about using Python programming language for GUI development at RealPython.com – Python GUI Programming.

Image Processing Using Python

Image processing is kind of building block for Artificially Intelligent Systems, either it be Google using this technology for better Image Search or companies like Tesla deploying this into their cars for making efficient Self Driving Car.

Many libraries of Python could be used for changing background of an image, colour changing or manipulating size of images. Some of well known Python libraries for doing Image Processing are –

  1. OpenCV
  2. Numpy and Scipy
  3. Scikit
  4. Scipy
  5. SimpleCV

Text Processing Using Python

Python could be used for textual analysis, which could be applied directly for improving Search Engines(Google) and voice based devices like Google Home/Amazon Alexa.

Python based Machine Learning Models could be used for better understanding some piece of text which is called Natural Language Processing.

Read more about NLP using Python – Biggest Open Problems in Natural Language Processing.

Data Visualization

Deploying Python for making beautiful, interesting Visualisations of messy seemed datasets is one of quite exciting application of Python.

Using Python data can be easily visualised to better understand correlation, pattern amongst various parameters which otherwise would not be visible. For doing Data Visualisation python offers many libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, ggPlot etc.

Visualising data using different python programming language libraries like matplotlib, ggplot, seaborn etc.
Data Visualisation Using Python Programming Language

Is Python good for Data Visualisation?

Yes, Python is great for visualising Data because it have so many libraries which could easily turn a dataset into beautiful visual with just some lines of code only.

Operating System

Using Python inside terminal/command line OS of a machine could be accessed quite easily thanks to Generic Operating System Services and OS Micellaneous Operating System Interfaces. Which provide different functions for getting access to many levels of Operating System either it be open/closing files or encoding at Machine level.

Not only that Python have also been used by Red Hat for building up their Anaconda Installer.


The simplicity, readability of Python makes it quite unique amongst other programming languages. Owing to this uniqueness of Python it could be applied to different domains in Software Industry.

So better learn it, if you want to get into Software Industry.

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