4 Free Books For Learning Python For Data Science

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Python remains the most mainstream programming language for Data Scientists. This is to a great extent because of the moderately basic, simple to-learn, nature of the linguistic structure and the way that there is a functioning network of engineers keeping up a wide scope of libraries for information investigation, control, and arrangement, notwithstanding those for … Read more

Data Science for Startups

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Data Science is booming nowadays all across the world, there are many startups related to data science which are coming up in the different parts of world. For example – Second Measure (startup based in Silicon Valley) analyses anonymised purchases from U.S. shoppers to deliver valuable insights into company performance and consumer behaviour, Actian (based also … Read more

List of Machine Learning Courses

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Machine learning have been emerging quite rapidly in the recent years and have impacted lot of industries. In such an environment it’s very crucial for a professional to be up to date with the latest development in Machine learning area. The following list of courses are worth looking at: – 1) Machine Learning Course by … Read more