The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

The world of machine learning is evolving so fast that it’s not easy to find real-world use cases that are relevant to what you’re working on. That’s why we’ve collected these technical blogs from industry thought leaders with practical use cases you can put to work right now. This how-to reference guide provides everything you need — including code samples and notebooks — so you can start getting your hands dirty putting the Databricks platform to work.

Download now to find how-to articles on:

  • Using dynamic time warping and MLflow to detect sales trends series
  • Fine-grained time series forecasting at scale with Facebook Prophet and Apache Spark™
  • Performing multivariate time series forecasting with recurrent neural networks
  • Detecting financial fraud at scale with decision trees and MLflow on Databricks
  • Automating digital pathology image analysis
  • Car classification with convolutional neural networks
  • Processing geospatial data at scale with Databricks

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