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List of Machine Learning Courses

Machine learning have been emerging quite rapidly in the recent years and have impacted lot of industries. In such an environment it’s very crucial for a professional to be up to date with the latest development in Machine learning area. The following list of courses are worth looking at: –

1) Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng (Stanford University)

This is one of most famous/enrolled course available on the Internet, the instructor of this course is one and only the machine learning guru Andrew Ng. This course teaches about Logistic Regression, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning Algorithms and Machine Learning itself. Check out course here Machine Learning.

Andrew Ng talking with Lex Fridman about Machine Learning

2 ) Machine Learning Course by Columbia University

Columbia University is in the heart of New York city and there are a lot of machine learning startups around that area. The glimpse of that kind of Machine Learning Startups can be clearly seen in this course. This course teaches about Linear and Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Tree classifiers, Boosting, Maximum likelihood, MAP inference, EM algorithm and many more concepts related to Machine Learning. Check out course here Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

3 ) Machine Learning Course by Georgia Tech

This course is offered by Georgia Tech which is well know engineering school in USA. Moreover the best part of this course is that the instructors are very well qualified and teach in very easy way which helps a lot to understand the difficult aspects of Machine Learning. This course teaches about Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning and Reinforcement Machine Learning. Check out the course here Machine Learning.

Georgia Tech Machine Learning Course

4 ) Machine Learning Course by University of Washington

This is one of the best course which I have taken about Machine Learning this course is quite through and covers a number of concepts related to machine learning such as Data Clustering Algorithms, Decision Trees, Python Programming, Deep Learning, Logistic Regression and many more. Check out this course here Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Course by University of Washington

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