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Must have Data Scientist skill Writing Skill

I’ve been into Data Science for the last one and half year including my learning journey as well as applying that to real world projects or consulting other businesses for their Data Science Projects. Been through a long enough journey in Data Science I can share what’s quite important in Data Science Field from my point of view.

For the last many months I’ve looked at many online videos or blog posts about Data Science(of course my weekend free time goes to this). Almost everyone is talking about how important is Programming or Statistic skills are for Data Science job, rather form my experience it’s not that instead it’s Writing Skills.

On matter how well you do Data Analysis or Model Building but at the end of day what matters for your company/client is the ultimate report which you will be putting together either for providing the solution to a problem or just a detailed overview of some real world problem.

Thus it’s kind of clear what matters at the end, so your manager who obviously does not have as enough knowledge about Data Science only reads the report, which you prepare. That’s why the end point of a Data Science Lifecycle which comes to a form of a report matters a lot.

Let’s see how Writing Skills can be really helpful to be a great Data Scientist –

  • Telling a data story
  • Impacting through writing

Telling a data story

The art of storytelling is considered quite prevalent in the industry nowadays in general either storytelling through visuals, writing or voice(typically some sort of presentation). It’s quite important for a Data Scientist to walk through his/her audience the data story which have emerged out of whole Data Science Lifecycle. Otherwise all of the efforts put by the Data Scientist either in programming or analysis aspect of Data Science Lifecycle would go away as waste of time.

Over my journey in Data Science one of my university professor recommended me this video about Story telling by Will Storr. Also have a look at his best selling book The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human and How to Tell Them Better.

Impact through writing

We live in the modern age with lot of ways to spread ideas either it be Instagram or a Facebook post, perhaps may be a Youtube video as well. But the impact that reading some text can have on a person is immense. Ask your self from which resources you’ve learned most, it’s highly likely that would be a book.

So that’s it writing a great and convincing report is really important to explain the facts, figures and obviously data to others properly.

Talking about my own way of improving my writing skills, I’ve few methods in place for doing that. Like writing a blog and working as Research Assistant at the university, where I currently studies. You can also do similar kind of stuff to improve your writing skills.

So I believe that now is the time, you should jump in get some reading done about “How to improve writing skills?” and also learn about Story telling.

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

Anyway my best pick read for improving writing skills is The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century by Steven Pinker, professor at Harvard University.