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What is Cloud Native Database?

A Cloud Native database is a typical kind of database service offering which is all done on some cloud platform.

  • It’s build on cloud
  • Deployed on cloud
  • Delivered through cloud

It’s a kind of “Platform as service” kind of thing which typically offers Cloud Platform to either end users or some organisation. Cloud native databases are quite reliable, scalable database solutions for large organisations as well as even for individual person.

How does Cloud Native Services Work?

Every Cloud Native Database typically have two steps in it’s development process which are building and managing. Both of these can be performed using concepts of DevOps, Continuous Deployment, Microservices and deploying code in containers.

What Cloud Native Database actually offers?

Well Cloud Native Databases have a lot for offering to it’s users. Following are typical services which Cloud Native Databases offers: –

  • Security

Cloud Native databases may seem riskier to some people as the infrastructure upon which database is employed being handled by some third party like Google, Amazon etc. Rather it’s quite secure and user does not need to worry that much about security and data privacy. Moreover Cloud Native database can be easily protected by using software services like anti-virus and firewalls etc.

  • Collaboration across team

If your a startup and have deployed the database as Cloud Native then it’s quite easier for different people on the team to collaborate with each other. For example – Amazon Web Services provides amazing UI dashboard for managing database and also provide software service to set people on your team at different levels of privilege access to database.

  • Cost Effective

It is cost effective because a one-time payment for unlimited storage in the cloud is a lot more cost effective than having to buy or repair multiple hard drives continually. So to over this Cloud Storage allows buying as much as a little storage you require relative for workflow.

Benefits of Cloud Native Databases

  • Storage and Scalability
  • Mobility
  • Cost Efficiency
  • IT innovation
  • Easy Implementation
  • Automatic Updates
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Accessiblity

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