Scipy Interview Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers for Scipy Python Library Job Interview

Scipy is a Python Based Library that is widely used for Scientific and Technical Computing, for example – Solving complex mathematical problems. Do note that Scipy is built upon the top of Numpy which is another Python library widely used for Data Analysis. Moreover, Scipy makes the job of doing mathematical computing easier by provided … Read more

Pandas Interview Questions and Answers

Pandas is a Python-based library which can be used for Data Manipulation and Analysis. Nowadays a number of companies and even small businesses are collecting tonne of data literally everyday, this has happened because of lowering of costs for storing Data specifically in Clouds-like AWS or Microsoft Azure. But the next question for Businesses to … Read more

Numpy Interview Questions and Answers

Questions, Answers to prepare for Numpy Interview Questions

Q. 1 – What is Numpy? The numpy is a module which is responsible for effectively storing and processing data at a faster rate as compared to normal array. The advantage of numpy is support of large number of in built mathematical operations as compared to other programming languages. Also, the support to represent n dimensions is also possible … Read more