Artificial Intelligence Concerns – Here’s What You Need To Know

Intelligence is just simply idea of processing information and drawing conclusions from it. For the last many centuries, the only sufficiently advanced intelligence which is known is Human Brain.  But now that’s changing machines are becoming more and more capable in mimicking human brain like information processing. For example – Earlier back in 2000’s Google System … Read more

Artificial Intelligence stocks to buy in 2020

artificial intelligence stock

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is growing at a very high pace nowadays, with lot of new companies integrating AI with their operations either to streamline their supply chains or doing analytics on datasets which companies already have. As per International Data Corporation firm global spending on AI including hardware, software, services generated is expected to generate $150 … Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

what is AI

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is quite wide-ranging branch of computer science which involves building smart machines capable of performing tasks which otherwise requires human intelligence. AI is interdisciplinary as it can be applied to many fields and there does exists some of it’s application in almost every other science field. Specific advancements in Machine Learning have enabled … Read more