What is Cloud Native Database?

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A Cloud Native database is a typical kind of database service offering which is all done on some cloud platform. It’s build on cloud Deployed on cloud Delivered through cloud It’s a kind of “Platform as service” kind of thing which typically offers Cloud Platform to either end users or some organisation. Cloud native databases … Read more

Artificial Intelligence stocks to buy in 2020

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) is growing at a very high pace nowadays, with lot of new companies integrating AI with their operations either to streamline their supply chains or doing analytics on datasets which companies already have. As per International Data Corporation firm global spending on AI including hardware, software, services generated is expected to generate $150 … Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) is quite wide-ranging branch of computer science which involves building smart machines capable of performing tasks which otherwise requires human intelligence. AI is interdisciplinary as it can be applied to many fields and there does exists some of it’s application in almost every other science field. Specific advancements in Machine Learning have enabled … Read more

What is Machine Learning? The new fuel for Tech Industry

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Machine learning is helping computers to tackle upon the tasks that have previously been only done by people. Either it’s driving cars or translating text from one language to another, either it’s making predictions about weather etc. have been enable by Machine Learning. Nowadays predictions made about Weather, Rain etc. have achieved great accuracy thanks … Read more

What’s new in Python 3.9


Finally Python 3.9 is out with some amazing features, taken a big leap from version 3.8 and have provided great new features to the programmer. Most of Python Programmers have been really excited about this new release and have been waiting for quite a long period of time. The following paragraphs provide detailed explanation about … Read more

4 Free Books For Learning Python For Data Science

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Python remains the most mainstream programming language for Data Scientists. This is to a great extent because of the moderately basic, simple to-learn, nature of the linguistic structure and the way that there is a functioning network of engineers keeping up a wide scope of libraries for information investigation, control, and arrangement, notwithstanding those for … Read more

Data Science for Startups

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Data Science is booming nowadays all across the world, there are many startups related to data science which are coming up in the different parts of world. For example – Second Measure (startup based in Silicon Valley) analyses anonymised purchases from U.S. shoppers to deliver valuable insights into company performance and consumer behaviour, Actian (based also … Read more

List of Machine Learning Courses

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Machine learning have been emerging quite rapidly in the recent years and have impacted lot of industries. In such an environment it’s very crucial for a professional to be up to date with the latest development in Machine learning area. The following list of courses are worth looking at: – 1) Machine Learning Course by … Read more