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Artificial Intelligence Concerns – Here’s What You Need To Know

Intelligence is just simply idea of processing information and drawing conclusions from it. For the last many centuries, the only sufficiently advanced intelligence which is known is Human Brain

But now that’s changing machines are becoming more and more capable in mimicking human brain like information processing. For example – Earlier back in 2000’s Google System was not capable to tell name of current president of USA, you need to go over to US government website to find out who’s current president. But now Google has become sufficiently advanced that it can tell you who’s president even before you finish up writing the question itself. In general these kind of steps towards better Web Search can really be helpful for Humans and reduces time taken to find some information heavily.

It cannot be just said that Artificial Intelligence will either be good or bad, it just depends upon how well we train AI, how better we understand it and how government is regulating AI.

Benefits/Advantages of AI

AI is most powerful tool which Humanity is working upon now – Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. It could be as revolutionary as fire was during ancient times. Here are some of benefits of Artificial Intelligence –

  • Doing jobs which are boring for Humans(Same repetitive tasks)

There does exist a lot of jobs which are boring for humans, Artificial Intelligence can easily replace these and not only that rather in some cases it could do those jobs better. For example – Online Customer Service can be easily automated using Text Processing Bots and can be made available to customers 24by7.

  • Better Data Processing

Nowadays different technological devices or services used by Humans produce ton load of data, every single day and for businesses it’s quite difficult to draw certain insights from data. It’s like many many cars on road just staying there and doing nothing.

While certain meaningful, informative insights can be easily drawn from data using Machine Learning Algorithms and Artificially Intelligent Neural Networks, this process is called Data Processing.

Insights drawn from Data using Artificial Intelligence can be really helpful for business to either improve their product or better understand it’s customers. For example – Companies like Uber process their data, in order to understand which area in city have higher demand during which time period of day. So that Uber can better advice their drivers which area is better for them to work in.

  • Self Driving Cars

Having self driving cars on the roads instead of manually operating cars by Human seems very safe. For example – Tesla’s self driving technology is so amazing that it can stop a car within minute of seeing any object in front of car, rather usual reaction time of Human is quite high.

Artificially intelligent self driving cars help reduce thousands of lives lost across the globe every single year.

  • Traffic Monitoring Systems

Till now traffic lights are not intelligent, these are just programmed to switch from red to yellow to green on certain interval of time. But using Artificially Intelligent systems the time between switching could be changed in real time and adjusted. This could lead to less usual morning and evening traffic on roads.

  • AI in Health Care

Diagnosis and treatment of sophisticated/very severe diseases like cancer is quite a difficult tasks even for doctors who are highly trained for doing this. Owing to this, hundreds of lives are lost which otherwise could be saved, if in case disease is detected earlier and treatment process starts way before.

Nowadays a number of companies are working in this area specifically Google is developing it’s own Image Processing Technology for detecting early signs of cancer in human tissues.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificially intelligent systems bring a lot of value to humanity, but it’s a double edged sword which can be harmful for society as well.

Here are some of disadvantages of AI –

  • Higher Cost Of Development

At the fundamental level, Artificial Intelligence is just certain models which are trained over large datasets using TPU or GPU.

Read more about TPU/GPU – TPU Vs GPU

These hardware typically cost very high, so training models is expensive. But hopefully this cost is coming down over recent years and now companies like Google’re offering TPU’s through Google Cloud service for people to use.

Not only that cost of right talent for development is very high, for example – hiring an Artificial Intelligence Research usually costs anyway between $300K to $500K in US.

  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics

We as Humans cares about certain Ethical values in our society, but until now these ethics have not been defined for AI Systems. Questions like ‘Should a Human fire a gun on a robot?’ are still answered.

If there is not any definitive guide of ethics for AI and still we as a society is developing it continuously then it may be possible that by the time we get to Artificial General Intelligence, we would not be left with any way to encode ethics into it.

This could be really harmful for society, As Elon Musk says “AI is a jimmy once it gets out of bottle, it would never gets in”.

  • AI Making Humans Unemployed

Although Artificial Intelligence is one of most exciting/amazing technology which will have most net positive impact on our society, some poeple are really very much concerned about Unemployment or jobs which will be taken over by AI.

Like in a report published by World Economic Forum in 2018 states that almost 75 million jobs will be lost and just only 58 million will be created by AI till 2022.

  • Artificial Intelligence As Weapon

AI will be used to analyze the battlefield and provide augmented reality information to Soldiers via heads-up displays and weapon control systems. Such systems will be used to identify and classify threats, prioritize targets, and show the location of friendly troops and safe distances around them.

Source – Magic Bullets: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Weapons Systems.


Although Artificial Intelligence would make a lot of positive impact on society, but still we as Humanity need to quite cautious about it’s development and use.

It’s a double edged sword.

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