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We at ComputerScienceHub are a team of Developers, Programmers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists trying to bring really helpful/useful information to you about Computer Science. Here on ComputerScienceHub, you can find a lot of resources for learning Programming, Machine Learning, Data Science and much more.
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About – Hi, there I’m founder of ComputerScienceHub(Started this to bring useful Computer Science information just at one place). Personally I’ve been doing JavaScript, Python development since 2015(Been long) – Worked upon couple of Web Development Projects, Did some Data Science stuff using Python. Nowadays primarily I work as Freelance JavaScript Developer(Web Developer) and on side-by-side managing team of Computer Science specialists at ComputerScienceHub.io
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About – I’m Josh a Computer Science graduate from California State University, Sacramento since coming out with my Master’s from university. I’ve worked with multiple startups across US and in UK as well primarily as a Python Developer. Here on this website, I’m sharing my knowledge of Python. If you want to ask me anything about Python feel free to reach out, I would be happy to help you out.
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About – I’m Adit Kumar living in Agra, India( Town Famous for Taj Mahal). I graduated from Computer Science Department at Lucknow University in 2014 with Bachelor Degree(Major in Computer Science). Since then I’ve been teaching locally Algorithms, Data Structures classes to college students. Out of work, I really enjoy playing cricket( I’m big fan of Virat Kohli).
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