Expressions in JavaScript

primary expressions. array initialisation expressions. object initialisation expressions, property access expressions, object creation expressions, arithmetic expressions, relational expressions, logical expressions and many more in JavaScript programming languages

In any programming language, there’re certain entities which come together to make code empowered to run on a machine. Similarly JavaScript does have a number of these unique entities. One of these is Expression which is an entity that is evaluated to a value by JavaScript Engine. Moreover in JavaScript even a simple variable is … Read more

Variables in JavaScript

naming variables in javascript, javascript variable naming convention

Any programming languages is based upon certain entities upon which it performs actions and get things done. It’s same like a food recipe depends upon many ingredients for it’s existence. Similarly any Software/App/Website’s being depends upon certain entities used to defined aspects of it. How to declare a variable in JavaScript? JavaScript use var keyword … Read more

JavaScript Type Conversions

Primitive to object conversion, object to primitive conversion, checking objects equality, explicit conversion in javaScript

JavaScript is not strictly typed, it have a lot of flexibility around changing types of values from Object to primitive or from primitive to object. So as a JavaScript Developer, you don’t need to explicitly define types before performing any operation. For example – If you add a number and string, then JavaScript would internally … Read more

Wrapper Object in JavaScript

JavaScript Wrapper Objects, Dealing with Wrapper Objects in JavaScript

In JavaScript, an object is just a collection of properties and values. In order to invoke a property of an object, you can just use .propertyname after object name. Moreover in case if value of a property is function then that’s called a method. In call a method on an object(let’s say object Computer) you … Read more

Boolean in JavaScript

If else javaScript, Boolean in JavaScrip

A Boolean in Logic Maths represents truth or falsehood of a value. Boolean could either be true or false only. Similarly in JavaScript a boolean variable could only hold two values – true or false. Boolean is very helpful for structuring JavaScript code properly and control flow of code while program runs. Comparing values Controlling … Read more

Strings in JavaScript

JavaScript Escape Character, Pattern matching strings javaScript, operations on strings in JavaScript

In JavaScript, a string is an immutable ordered sequence of 16-bit values where each of bit represents a Unicode Character and combination of these strings is used for representing text. If in case you don’t know about Unicode Characters then head over to Wikipedia to learn these – Unicode Characters Wikipedia. Combination of many strings … Read more

Numbers in JavaScript

Arithmetic JavaScript, Overflow/Underflow in JavaScript, JavaScript 64-bit floating point format

Usually programming languages doesn’t make any kind of distinction between different types of mathematical numbers(like integers, floats etc.) but JavaScript treat these numbers in separate categories – Integer values and Floating-point values. In order to deal with numbers, internally javaScript uses 64-bit floating point format, which implies that JavaScript can easily deal with numbers ranging … Read more

Fundamentals of JavaScript Language

Javascript introductory learning guide

Like a usual language which people speak let’s say English, there are a number of factors/rules/guidelines involved in forming a sentence, similarly for Programming Languages as well there does exist certain rules. Most commonly these basic rules of a specific programming language are called Lexcial Structure of that langauge. Most of languages out there have … Read more

Introduction to JavaScript – Everything you need to know as a beginner

Learning javaScript

JavaScript is like toaster for turning out Bread(HTML) and Butter(CSS) into something which could be Eaten(Web Page). More specifically it’s one of pilar of Web as well. HTML for specifying content of Web Page CSS to decorate that content javaScript to interact with that content Nowadays most commonly javaScript is used for Web Development, not … Read more

Working with multiple versions of python

Choosing Python Versions

Python’s Core Developer team is regularly updating it, just to make Python more robust and remove some of bugs which comes up or are reported by Python Developers. Owing to this reason, most people just download and setup newer version of Python on their laptop or PC. But did not give any attention to already … Read more