First Year As Data Scientist

Data Science Job

It’s wild to think it’s been a year since I first became a data scientist, and I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned so far. The Data Science Title is Meaningless I still have no idea what a “typical” data scientist is, and many companies have no idea either. A data science … Read more

Best resources to learn Data Science

Resources for Data Science

Agree or not Data Science is booming nowadays with more and more companies adopting it as a tool for driving key insights from their data. Even Harvard Business Review have named “Data Scientist” as sexiest job of 21th century. Some of states in USA are becoming HUB for data science related activity. Below is complete … Read more

Why you should learn Python in 2021?

Reasons for learning Python

It’s November 2020 thus year ending and world is waiting for dawn of 2021. With that comes the question for Tech Enthusiasts/Software Developers “which new language they should learn in 2021”. Python is a great choice for learning as it can used in different kind of applications development across software industry. Easy to learn Python … Read more

Maths which you should know to become Data Scientist?

Maths for Data Science

Being Data Scientist for one and half years have made me realise that Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and statistics, Discrete Math, Graph Theory, Information theory, Functional Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometric Analysis, Topological Data Analysis. Despite Data Science cycle being quite vast involving many sequential steps, then knowledge/skills needed varies a lot. Let’s see what a typical … Read more

The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

Machine learning

The world of machine learning is evolving so fast that it’s not easy to find real-world use cases that are relevant to what you’re working on. That’s why we’ve collected these technical blogs from industry thought leaders with practical use cases you can put to work right now. This how-to reference guide provides everything you … Read more