Interview with Machine learning Consultant

Machine Learning

Vin Vashishta is an Applied Machine Learning Consultant who’s an industry veteran. I thought it would be cool to talk to him about his day to day, how being a consultant (and running his own company) is different to working as an employee, and what advice he has to those looking to break into the field. … Read more

What are characteristics of Java?


The prime reason behind creation of Java was to bring portability and security feature into a computer language. These features are also known as java buzzwords. The most important features of java is given below – Feature Description Simple Java language is designed to be easy to learn. If you understand the basic concept of Object oriented programming … Read more

Advantages of SQL


SQL Standard First standard for SQL was in 1986 by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Standards Organization) followed in 1987. The latest standard part was made in 2011. Portable SQL runs on mainframes, PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones. It runs in local systems, intranet and internet. Databases using SQL can be … Read more

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Learning Path for SQL Programming Language

SQL Programming Language

SQL is quite vast and it typically depends upon which job your are applying for. Anyway here is the list of resources which I’ve used for learning SQL. • Beginning – Go through SQL tutorials on w3School, – Read some parts of SQL reference manual – , Specifically I would advice you to read Language Structure, Data … Read more

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Where is data science field going in next 10 years

The future of data science

It’s been literally like more than 1 year since I’ve been in Data Science field either it’s working at university as an Assistant Data Scientist or doing Data Science projects with some companies globally. From my experience while being in field and doing stuff, I’ve seen dramatic changes happening in industry. For example – Earlier … Read more

Must have Data Scientist skill Writing Skill

Writing Skills

I’ve been into Data Science for the last one and half year including my learning journey as well as applying that to real world projects or consulting other businesses for their Data Science Projects. Been through a long enough journey in Data Science I can share what’s quite important in Data Science Field from my … Read more